[postgis-users] problem intersection with postgis on multipolygon

David TECHER davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Fri Dec 12 11:17:28 PST 2003


I have to use function intersection for 3 tables with
thousand lines.

All my 'the_geom' tables are 'MULTIPOLYGON'

But when I used intersection() on it, postgresql
scratched :(

So I gave up this function and use the geos project to
make a *.exe program that parse a xml file with my
data from 'the_geom column':


When I opened ma data from the_geom column, I 

use geometryn(the_geom,integer) to see every geometric

I saw that I have POLYGON((.....),(.....),(....))

Is it possible?????

Because when I use JTS to find the intersection from
the xml file or geos it said:

Exception...Number of points must be 0 or >3

Please help 

Notice: I uses shp2pgsql to convert my data from
mapInfo to postgis

My configuration is

Windows XP¨, postgresql-7.3.4, postgis 0.8.0, geos 1.0
proj 4.4.7

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