[postgis-users] successful build of postgis on OSX10.3.2

Christian Spanring spanring at oir.at
Sun Dec 21 07:08:12 PST 2003


Following that directions it seems that I finally got a working postgis 
build on mac os 10.3.2 too (no problems so far).
I summed up the basic steps I did on 
http://www.schuhfabrik.com/postgis.html (further comments/suggestions 
are welcome)... maybe it's helpful for somebody else.


Am 20.12.2003 um 03:45 schrieb Byron Amerson:

> It took a little work but it seems that things are working smoothly.
> Gcc3.4 was required. Gcc-3.4 builds with the needed shared libs for
> libstdc++. After gcc-3.4 is built, the file /usr/include/mach-o/dyld.h
> needs to be modified. Add the line: #define __private_extern__ extern
> just above the block:
> #if defined(__MWERKS__) && !defined(__private_extern__)
> #define __private_extern__ __declspec(private_extern)
> #endif
> Credit for the dyld.h fix goes to Andrew Pinski at the mac unix-porting
> list.
> I re-compiled proj4, geos-1.0 and posgresql-7.4 using the new gcc3.4 
> and
> then followed the directions for building postgis in README.postgis.
> Success (finally...).
> Byron Amerson
> MS student
> University of Washington
> Department of Earth and Space Sciences
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