[postgis-users] shp2pgsql oddities

Aaron Cline acline2 at cox.net
Mon Dec 29 07:40:05 PST 2003

Hey all:

I'm pretty new to PostGIS and GIS in general.  I am experiencing what I 
perceive to be troubles getting my shapefiles into my database.  Say I 
have a shapefile called northamerica.shp and my database is call 
giswxtest, I run shp2pgsql like so:

shp2pgsql -c northamerica.shp northamerica giswxtest

Lots of stuff scrolls past the screen that look like Insert statements.  
After this finishes I load up the database in psql and expect to see a 
table called 'northamerica'.  I do not see this table.  In fact I do not 
see any new tables.  Can anyone give me a hand here?

Thank you.

A Cline
acline2 at cox dot net

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