[postgis-users] shp2pgsql segmentation fault using -a option

Randy George rkgeorge at cadmaps.com
Mon Dec 29 15:47:37 PST 2003


	Here is another novice question about the shp2pgsql translator.

	I am running the translator in a SUSE 9.0 Linux with PostgreSQl and PostGIS
installed on a USA state bdry states.shp file which was taken from an
ArcView sample data directory.

	When I run the translator as follows there is no problem:
1. shp2pgsql -D states.shp test GISTest > test.sql
2. shp2pgsql -d -D states.shp test GISTest > test.sql
3. shp2pgsql -s 4269 -d -D states.shp test GISTest > test.sql

	any of the above allow me to use:
psql -f test.sql -d GIStest

	The only problem appears to be in the attempt to "drop sequence
GISTest_test_seq" even after the SELECT pg_catalog.setval('test_gid_seq',
50, true); statement is completed (running the psql command a second time).
	It looks like the drop table test; also drops the sequence test_gid_seq so
that even if the drop sequence is changed to match test_gis_seq there will
be an ERROR indicating the sequence does not exist.
	Note: This doesn't affect the import of the data.

**** However when I run shp2pgsql as follows I get a segmentation error:
4. shp2pgsql -a -D states.shp test GISTest > test.sql

	Is the -a append option intended to update the sequence value? Does the
sequence value need to be tracked by the translation software or is it
updated internally?

Thanks for any help.

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