[postgis-users] Possible bug in shp2psql

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Wed Feb 12 09:16:42 PST 2003

I dunno... bug? :) More of an interpretation thing...
That's a 14-digit parcel number, it's not really a number, since 
numerically it has no meaning. It could be modelled just as well 
(better?) as a varchar. Probably it is declared as a number(14,0) in the 
DBF file though, so shp2pgsql tries to make it an integer. The code just 
needs another test, so that if the number of requested digits in a 
numeric field is > 9, then int8 is used instead of int4. That still will 
not save us from people who declare 100-digit strings as number(100,0) 

christian.schuster at rsag.ch wrote:

> I have a shape file which I could convert to a SQL statement file
> with shp2pgsql. The surprise came as I wanted to insert data into
> PostgreSQL. It was not possible because the data type of one column
> was wrong. Instead of int8 it was declared as int4. I am not an
> expert with shapefiles and shp2pgsql at all. So, I am not sure where
> the problem is. After I changed the int4 to int8 of the column PARCEL
> in the SQL-file I could insert the data.
> I attached the shape file as well as the SQL file which shp2pgsql
> created.
> System: Win2000 Cygwin PostgreSQL-7.3.1-1 PostGIS-CVS (02-10-2003)
> (See attached file: test.sql)(See attached file: test.shp)(See
> attached file: test.shx)(See attached file: test.dbf) Regards,
> Christian Schuster
> Rudolf Schuster AG Postfach 277 CH - 3000 Bern 11
> http://www.rsag.ch ++41 31 348 05 30
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