[postgis-users] 0.7.4 Release

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Thu Feb 13 12:46:38 PST 2003

Do you have data which still breaks the current shp2pgsql?

strk wrote:
> There is no trace of fix for the PIP() bug in the new shp2pgsql.
> Is there any problem with it ?
> --strk;
> pramsey wrote:
>>Since more and more new users seem to be trying to use the release 
>>version with PostgreSQL 7.3.X, I have created a new release version 
>>0.7.4 which includes support for that PgSQL version. It also includes 
>>the several fixes to shp2pgsql which have occurred since the last 
>>official release. Spatial index selectivity is included as well, though 
>>that is pretty hard to figure out until we add the documentation. Dave 
>>explained it thoroughly on this list, for those who are interested 
>>(search for "selectivity" in the archives and read the Makefile carefully).
>>The next release should be 0.8.0 which will include real spatial 
>>predicates, based on the GEOS library (geos.refractions.net). Before 
>>that major release, there will be a testing period where we will be 
>>asking folks to make use of the CVS version and exercise the predicates 
>>and the build system.

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