Barbara Olga Kastelliz e8925927 at stud4.tuwien.ac.at
Fri Feb 14 09:09:19 PST 2003

hi everybody,

i have tried to install postgis-0.7.4 with postgresql-7.3.1, but unfortunately
wasn't able to complete the installation.
i had to make changes in the postgis makefile:, without these changes i was
not able to do make, but have no idea if this changes are resulting in
conflicts and are the reason i have not succeeded so far:

changes in makefile:

# Select proper GiST support C file
ifeq ($(USE_VERSION),71) 
#	GIST_ESTIMATE=postgis_estimate.o

(before I had changed cost.h, but it did not make any differenc)


# Add libraries that libpq depends (or might depend) on into the
# shared library link.  (The order in which you list them here doesn't
# matter.)
#here i added the next line:

SHLIB_LINK := $(LDFLAGS) ../../src/backend/libpostgres.a


before these changes make didn't find libpostgres.a, 

when i try to load the postgis.sql file, i receive the following
messages among many others,
NOTICE Procedure Create: type box3d is not yet defined
Notice Argument type "box3d" is only a shell
ERROR: current ransaction is aborted,...

also I had to change in postgis.sql $libdir to the absolut path to the
postgis.dll file.

Does the installation not work because of postgresql, perhaps i' have not
compiled it properly?, or because of the makefile for postgis?
do i still have to add the patches gcc2 an gcc3 to postgresql7.3.1?

hope that somebody can help, many thanks in advance,
greetings, barbara kastelliz

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