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Juanse georef at tie.cl
Mon Feb 17 22:18:36 PST 2003

Hi every one and sorry before hand for this off topic requirement

Under a non profit organization sponsoring we are developing an internet access system for isolated school based on ham radio data transmition. On this effort we are looking for any info regarding the siting of antenas /repeater. We would like to explore the modeling of the signal taking care of topography to define the best arquitecture to supply all school at least cost.

We have 1:50.000 digital topographic maps of the study area, and it available either through mapinfo/vertical mapper or postgis/mapserver.

Under our preliminary research there are a couple of comertial software on the range of US$500 to US$5000, and some basic possibilities under opensource (like splat http://www.qsl.net/kd2bd/splat.html). 
SPLAT! imports topographic data in the form of SPLAT Data Files (SDFs) that may be generated from a

number of information sources. In the United States, SPLAT Data Files are most often derived from U.S.

Geological Survey Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) using the usgs2sdf utility included with SPLAT!.

Any one know of  tools to derive DEM like the ones need by splat SDF from contour lines?

Any one knows of other open source tool that could be usefull for our purposes?




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