[postgis-users] PostGIS Usage Survey

Nicolas RIBOT nri at scot.cnes.fr
Wed Feb 19 09:17:16 PST 2003

Hi all,

We, at SCOT (a french company dedicated to Earth Observation:
www.scot-sa.com (web site is a little bit obselete)), are using Postgis
as the central part of our Internet mapping application: geOnline. (we
also use mapserver as the map engine).

Postgis is our prefered storage for geographic data.

This application can be use either to display and navigate through
geographic data, or to navigate and edit the data. This edition is done
in a Java Applet, and modified/created objects are directly stored into

We developped applications to manage crops and parcels for agriculture
domain, for geographic metadata management, etc.

We choosed Postgis for the following reasons:
	* its OpenGIS compliance, 
	* because it is thightly integrated with Mapserver.
	* for its performance to display geographic data on the fly
(very impressive compare to Oracle or DB2). 
	* And also because it's an OpenSource project

We also developped an administration tool, called GAS (Geonline
Administration Suite) allowing to browse several Postgis database across
a network, to browse shared folders containing geographic data, to
compose maps based on selected data, to graphically edit Mapserver
mapfile properties, and to publish or export data.

The very first version of this application can be seen on
A little documentation explains the main concepts of this application.

There are, of course, many improvements scheduled for this tool.

Opinion of postgis users about this application would be very
interesting for us.

Nicolas Ribot.
nri at scot.cnes.fr

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