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Bill Wheaton gisgeek at nc.rr.com
Fri Feb 21 18:32:20 PST 2003


I have to change (update) the SRID in a geometry column.  I've searched  
for methods of doing this and came across some posts from about a year  
ago...The procedure suggested by John Reid and Dave Blasby below seems  
to work EXCEPT for the last step...SELECT INTO only seems to allow you  
to create a NEW table not move records from one table to another.  This  
is probably a simple postgreSQL question, but I'm a stumped newbie. The  
procedure I'm trying to follow is below.  Again, I'm just trying to  
update the SRID for a geometry column (had a dumb typo when loading the  
data).  If there is an easier way, I'd love to hear about it.

Any help is greatly appreciated...


Alternatively, here's another method that should work for you:

1. Make a copy of your table (this will have no contraints on it):
         create table tmp_table as select * from <table>;
2. DropGeometryColumn() on your old table to de-register the geometry in
the geometry_columns table
3. drop the old table
4. create the table again
5. AddGeometryColumn() to create & register the geometry column.  Make
sure you set the parameters correctly.
6. If you're changing SRIDs you'll have to:
         update table tmp_table set <geometry column> = setSRID(<geometry
7. use "select into..." to put the rows in tmp_table into the new table

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