[postgis-users] argument type cstring does not exits

Toshimi Minoura minoura at cs.orst.edu
Mon Feb 24 21:15:23 PST 2003

1) We installed PostgreSQL 7.3.2, and it seems to be working correctly.

2) We then installed PostGIS 0.7.4 with make and make install.

3) We issued the following command:

   createlang plpgsql zpostgis     -- zpostgis is a database name
   Now, plpgsql_call_handler can be seen as a function in zpostgis.
4) Now, when we issue the command 

   psql -d zpostgis -f postgis.sql
   we get an error:
      "argument type cstring does not exit"
  This error comes from the first create function statement:
       create function histogram2d_in(CSTRING) returns histogram2d as '
           . . .
   Type CSSTRING is indeed not in pg_type. We can create other functions
   using types found in pg_type.
What do we need to install to make CSSTRING defined?

We will appreciate any help.

Please send a reply to minoura at cs.orst.edu also.


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