[postgis-users] building in CygWin

lynch.matt at shaw.ca lynch.matt at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 17 09:00:37 PST 2003


I am trying to build PostGIS in Cygwin on a Win2K machine.  Postgres is running ok, and I am done to what looks like one problem with the PostGIS build.  I have been following the "NON-UNIX User's Guide to Installing PostGIS on Windows" by Chip Hankley.

A snip of the build errors is below (they all refer to pred, so I have only included one)

Any help would be appreciated.



<snip of build errors>


gcc -O2 -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wmissing-declarations  -g  -I. -I../../src/i
nclude  -DFRONTEND -DSYSCONFDIR='"/etc/postgresql"'   -c -o postgis_gist.o postg
postgis_gist.c: In function `ggeometry_compress':
postgis_gist.c:104: structure has no member named `pred'
postgis_gist.c:114: structure has no member named `pred'


</snip of build errors>

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