[postgis-users] Compilation Error with PostGRE / CygWin

christian.schuster at rsag.ch christian.schuster at rsag.ch
Fri Jan 31 01:58:50 PST 2003

Hi Pablo,

I also had the same problem as you. I asume you tried to make PostGIS 
0.7.3. I also was not able to make PostGIS 0.7.3. I then downloaded the 
CVS version and used a different Makefile which I found in the forum. The 
one from the CVS did not work for me. I attached you this Makefile. Just 
replace the one in the CVS version and then should be able to make 

What you also will need to do is to edit the file 

Change the line
        extern double cpu_index_tuple_cost;
        extern DLLIMPORT double cpu_index_tuple_cost;

Also do not forget to configure PostgreSQL before you make PostGIS.

I configured PostgreSQL like this

        ./configure --enable-multibyte --with-CXX --prefix=/usr 
--sysconfdri=/etc --docdir=/usr/doc/postgresql-$version

Then make postgresql but do not install it


Now you should be able to make PostGIS

Good luck

Christian Schuster

Rudolf Schuster AG
Postfach 277
CH - 3000 Bern 11

++41 31 348 05 30
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