[postgis-users] PostGIS Usage Survey

Juanse georef at tie.cl
Fri Jan 31 20:43:26 PST 2003

> >- Name of the organization
> Referencia S.A.. I have a small GIS consulting shop in Temuko-Chile
> >- Data being managed in the database
 Cadastral data
Indigenous Populations Territories
River Network
Road Network
Cities (39) poligon
Cities (5) street network
Raster (plenty)
etc, etc, etc, 450 Mb of gis data.

> >- How the data is being accessed / manipulated
> After some experimenting we did a PHP Mapscript web application with
Postgis as spatial backend. Basic features use intersect (distance=0 a&&b)

> >- Why you chose to use PostGIS for the application
> Open source. Open standards. Glues perfectly with Mapserver. In prospectus
GEOS. Builds over PostgreSQL.

> It is very flexible and seems to be built on solid algorithms (i.e. I get
> trustworthy results). A highly responsive user/support community (I'm
> including mapserver here).

Wish List

A good GIS front end like Mapinfo, or a good conection to MI!!!

Juanse Barros J.
Referencia S.A.

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