[postgis-users] Select Query Performance

Riyaz Prasla riyazprasla at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 1 18:22:03 PDT 2003

  I am running Postgresql 7.2.3 on a linux Qube with
256 RAM. I have a table with about 100,000 records.
The table has a postgis geometry column. I have a GIST
index on the table on the geometry column. Here are my
1)When I do a spatial select query on the geometry
column in this table it takes a few seconds. What more
can I do in terms of the Postgresql configuration or
query tuning besides adding the GIST index? 

Here's a sample query I make:

Select [column] from [table_name] where
[spatial_column] && [the geometry object];

2)Also, I execute this query over the web. If there
are mltiple select queries then I have to execute one
get its reultset and then send the other one. Is there
a faster way to execute multiple select queries over
the web?

Thanks in advance.


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