[postgis-users] Looking for shp2pgsql as EXE (binary) for MS Windows

Stepan RYBAR xrybs01 at seznam.cz
Wed Jun 4 07:15:30 PDT 2003


Does anyboy have shp2pgsql compiled for MS Windows NT (5.1 aka XP or it
should be enough for 5.0 aka 2000). I believe, that compilation of that is
very easy, as said several times everywhere, but download Cygwin, install
it, compile shp2pgsql and then uninstall Cygwin just for one compilation

Thank You in advance.


Stepan Rybar
e-mail: xrybs01 at seznam.cz
mobil: +420607636256
Modra 6, Stodulky 1979, Praha, 155 00
IC: 71078592 AC: 22123199

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