[postgis-users] debug_level options?

Mike Leahy mgleahy at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 5 16:00:29 PDT 2003

Hello all again.

I have what I hope is a fairly simple question.when I do a query on a
map using layers from a PostGIS database, string of results will scroll
by in the Postmaster command window.  Most of it looks like super long
series of TARGETENTRY statements (below).

This is also followed by a series of NOTICE messages before the query
finishes.  The whole thing overall is working fine, but it can sometimes
be a fairly lengthy wait if there are multiple layers and lots of small
polygons.  I expect it would be significantly faster if I could have the
postmaster work in a quiet mode of some type, either with the window
hidden or by turning off message reporting.  I experimented with passing
a debug_level parameter (-d 1) with the pg_ctl command (i.e., pg_ctl
start -o "-i -d 1"), but that didn't really change anything.  Does
anybody have any suggestions?

BTW: We are volunteering for an NGO in Peru to build an education
information system based on spatial data, and have relatively little
access to any development support network.  As a result, we have been
relying heavily on email discussion lists.  We appreciate all of the
help that has been offered by the participants of this list.

Kind regards,

   :resno 66
   :restype 23
   :restypmod -1
   :resname a_gra07gm
   :reskey 0
   :reskeyop 0
   :ressortgroupref 0
   :resjunk false

   { VAR
   :varno 1
   :varattno 66
   :vartype 23
   :vartypmod -1
   :varlevelsup 0
   :varnoold 1
   :varoattno 66

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