[postgis-users] Re: [Mapserver-users] MySQL Version 4.1.0-alpha

David Blasby dblasby at refractions.net
Wed Jun 11 16:29:20 PDT 2003

Jim Butcher wrote:
> First my apologies if this question has been beaten to death, but.....
> With the future release of MySQL version 4.1 and its Spatial Extension.
> Are there plans to include MySQL support in future releases of
> MapServer?


We at Refractions Research are going to be writing a MySQL-mapserver 
adapter.  This will be based on the current PostGIS connector.

Currently we are adding the complex spatial operators and functions to 
PostGIS - things like relate(), contains(), intersect(), buffer(), 
convexhull(), etc...  Once this is done we want to use the same 
technology (cf. http://geos.refractions.net and 
http://postgis.refractions.net) to extend the very simple spatial 
support in mySQL into something extremely useful.

This is actually an outcome of the Mapserver Users Meeting - I got tired 
of people asking me if we were going to be supporting mySQL.  Now that 
mySQL 4.1.0 allows support for sub-selects, it looks like a connector is 
possible.  With the features promised in 5.0, it looks like mySQL will 
be a "real" database!

Who is actually using the mySQL spatial support?


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