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Nick Ton nton at photon.com
Thu Jun 12 08:50:08 PDT 2003

Hi David,

My apology, so does that mean that truly_inside() will be deprecated by
another function?


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> SELECT name from airport_tbl where
> truly_inside(the_geom,GeomtryAsText('BOX3D( -99 50.2, -99 50.2)',-1)) =
> true;

Dont you use truly_inside! I'm going to delete it from postGIS so noone 
ever uses it again.

You can use:
SELECT  name FROM airport_tbl WHERE the_geom && GeomtryAsText('POINT(-99 
50.2)',-1)) and distance(the_Geom,GeomtryAsText('POINT(-99 50.2)',-1))) ==0;

This uses the spatial index, so it should be fast.

NOTE: if the point is very very close to the boundary, the distance() 
function may not return 0.

If you are using the GEOS enhanced postgis, you can do this calculation 
robustly with the contains() function.

> It would be great if someone would teach a class on just creating
> queries on PostGIS. There's so much
> that you can do with it.

Yes - I'd love to write more documentation and examples for postGIS, but 
I dont have the time.  Does anyone out there have time?


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