[postgis-users] stat failed on file '$libdir/postgis.dll': No such file or directory

Mike Leahy mgleahy at fes.uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jun 13 08:44:13 PDT 2003

Okay, replacing $libdir with the windows path worked.  Now I'm getting
yet another error near the end of the script:


psql:postgis.sql:816: ERROR:  OperatorDef: function
postgis_gist_sel(internal, oid, internal, integer) does not exist


Any suggestions for this one?  Perhaps this is because the postgis.sql
I'm using (the one that came with the version Tyler Mitchell made
available to me) doesn't correspond with the latest version of postgis?
If so, does anybody have one that is current?




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Actually slight correction.  You have to use the unix path I think.




I think is what you want to replace it with if you have it in the lib

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Subject: [postgis-users] stat failed on file '$libdir/postgis.dll': No
such file or directory

Hello all,


I've finally got the Cygwin version of PostgreSQL/PostGIS built - yay!.
I used the DLLIMPORT command in cost.h, and ran "make clean" before
trying the build a second time (this was the small detail I was unaware
of all along).  Now I've got another error that occurs when I try to run
the postgis.sql file after the createlang:


psql:postgis.sql:249: ERROR: stat failed on file '$libdir/postgis.dll':
No such file or directory


Yes, the DLL is in C:\cygwin\lib, but clearly there's something I'm
missing.  I've got the PGLIB variable set in my environment settings (in
WinXP).but that doesn't seem to matter in this case.


Any suggestions?



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