[postgis-users] Errors with postgis.sql

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Mon Jun 16 09:48:07 PDT 2003

Not errors, just warnings.
Chicken and egg problem. In order to define a type, you must reference 
input and output functions. Those functions must reference a type they 
create/read. Circular dependency. PgSQL avoids this by creating a shell 
and then hooking it up to the functions as they are created. It issues 
warnings as this happens. All is right with the world.

Michael Cunningham wrote:
> Hi,
> Apologies for asking silly questions as I'm rather new to this.  But, any help 
> on the following would be appreciated.
> When I run the postgis.sql script, I get errors when creating functions:
> ProcedureCreate: type histogram2d is not yet defined
> Argument type "histogram2d" is only a shell
> The same errors are repeated for:
> Box3d
> Spheroid
> wkb
> chip
> geometry
> Any ideas why this is the case would be gratefully appreciated!
> Regards,
> Mike

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