[postgis-users] JDBC-Postgis bug

C F gis_consultant at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 19 11:47:43 PDT 2003

>Well, first, thanks for using WKB4J!

Yep, very happy with it.  I added an SVG factory as well.  If you're 
interested, I'll submit it when it's been polished.

>Second, the final version of WKB4J will allow you to retrieve integers
>along with the byte array representing the geometry, so it might solve
>some of you problems. The change is already in the CVS and I'm in the
>process of completing the test framework in order to make sure that
>everything works fine.

Unfortunately, I need to be able to retrieve other data types... varchar, 
date, etc.

>Finally I have a question: are you telling me that it works fine with
>your modification but without any other change (like switching to text
>cursors) ?

I didn't use any explicit cursors at all.  I just do a simply query.  All 
the code change is in WKBReader.getData()....

            wkbSta.execute("declare wkb_cursor binary cursor for " + 
            ResultSet wkbRecords = wkbSta.executeQuery("fetch forward all in 


           ResultSet wkbRecords = wkbSta.executeQuery(completeSQLQuery);

.... with the key difference being in the query string that I pass to 

>At first I didn't used bytea because I thought that it
>encoded bytes as String objects and that performance would suffer.

Yeah, I guess that's possible.  I'm not sure... that goes beyond my level of 
expertise :-)

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