[postgis-users] PostgreSQL geographical datatypes and PostGIS

Hubert Fröhlich hubert.froehlich at bvv.bayern.de
Wed Jun 25 23:41:29 PDT 2003

Hi list,

I have been using PostgreSQL geographical datatypes (POINT, POLYGON, 
PATH etc. ) for GIS web applications, mainly accessed by self-developed 
CGI scripts.

Now, with UMN MapServer upcoming and OGC Simple Features,, SHAPE export 
etc., I'd like to use PostGIS geographical datatypes and operations for 
my existing PostgreSQL data.

Now my question. Is there a way to integrate old PostgreSQL datatypes 
into the PostGIS concept WITHOUT redesigning the database and tinkering 
around a lot with cast operations? How can I use PostgreSQL datatypes 
for PostGIS (and MapServer) in an un-sophisticated way?


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