[postgis-users] Data/example mapfile for PostGIS MUM Workshop Notes

Alain Hoang hoanga at mac.com
Sat Jun 28 19:43:01 PDT 2003

Hello there,

	I noticed the notes for the PostGIS workshop given at the MUM being 
posted online and downloaded them right after I noticed them.  First 
off, many many many thanks for posting those notes as they have helped 
me tremendously in understanding how to use PostGIS!

	However, I was noticing in part 5-7 of the workshop tutorial you work 
through importing shapefiles into PostGIS then preparing the tables for 
MapServer and displaying them via MapServer.  However there is mention 
in the tutorial about an example mapfile and some example shapefile 
data.   Would it be possible to get a copy of the example mapfile and 
perhaps the shapefile data just to work through the example completely? 
   The most important is just seeing the mapfile to understand how the 
queries are formed in MapServer from data imported from a shapefile.

	My apologies for sending this as a private email however I wasn't sure 
if this was appropriate to send to the whole PostGIS-users mailing list.

	Once again many thanks for the online notes and of course PostGIS.

Best regards,
Alain Hoang

On Tuesday, June 10, 2003, at 02:47  PM, David Blasby wrote:

> For those who didnt get a chance to attend last week's Mapserver Users 
> Meeting (MUM) in Minnesota last week, I've placed the PostGIS workshop 
> notes on the http://postgis.org website.
> There are two files - a detailed MS Word document that's a good 
> stand-alone guide to PostGIS and using PostGIS with mapserver.  The 
> other file is a very short MS Powerpoint presentation that gives a few 
> more details on some of the SQL queries used in the guide.
> Many thanks to Chris Hodgson for giving the actual workshop.
> dave

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