[postgis-users] How to PostGIS + Map Objects + Delphi

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Thu May 8 09:26:53 PDT 2003

You can alway use ODBC to get at the spatial data in PostGIS - however you will 
probably have to parse either the wkt string or the wkb binary data into some 
sort of object in order to use it. In the case of MapObjects, I don't know 
exactly how you would get the data you have retrieve from postgis and parsed, 
into the mapObjects as actual polygons, lines, and points... but there is an 
interface in mapObjects for creating geometries and adding them to layers, so I 
don't see why you wouldn't be able to use MapObjects to display the map data 
from postGIS...

This won't be a plug-and-play solution, you will have to write the code that 
translates the PostGIS geometries from wkt/wkb out of ODBC, into MapObjects 
geometries in a displayable map layer. There may be other solutions, but you 
haven't explained what problem you are trying to solve... If you just want 
programmatic access to the PostGIS geometries, then you could use the Java 
Topology Suite (JTS) and /or the java objects provided with the PostGIS 
distribution... if you want to display data from a PostGIS database, Mapserver 
and/or Mapscript is your best bet.


Quoting Helio Rios <hriox at ig.com.br>:

> Hi !
>    I'm beginner in PostGis and GIS Tecnology, and i need help. Can i do a
> application in Delphi with Esri Map Objects by ODBC connection to access a
> GIS Data Base in PostgreSQL with PostGIS extension ? Exists another solution
> ?
> Thanks.
> Hélio Rios.
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