[postgis-users] Who is using PostGIS

Peter Bayley peterb at homer.com.au
Wed Nov 5 02:17:46 PST 2003

Thought I'd write and tell you about an application that is using PostGIS
very successfully...

PlanningNSW is a State-level Planning agency in New South Wales, Australia.
They have had an application running for over three years using PostgreSQL
and PostGIS on Linux.  The application is accessible from the iPlan web site
at http://iplan.nsw.gov.au.  Choose "Businesslands" and then "Run LandView"
from hte menu on the left.  Instructions are available form the "Using
LandView" option - also on the menu.  There are approximately 4 million
property parcels on the server plus planning zones information allowing
searches to be made.  Output to the client is as VML (Microsoft's vector
format) either as dots (size stays the same with zooms) and as polygon
outlines.  For a quick overview:
o  Click on "?" button
o  Enter "Wyong" into Suburb field and click the SEARCH button
o  Table of results will be displayed followed by map area with dots
indicating returned parcels.
o  Hover over dots to show details
o  Click dot to review info in table.
o  Click table to highlight corresponding dots.
o  Click "POLY" button below table to change to polygons

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