[postgis-users] Need help on description of all those functions!

David TECHER davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Thu Nov 6 02:05:48 PST 2003

 --- Jeff Yu <zhanfu.yu at digitalearth.net.cn> a écrit :
> Hi, friends:)
>    I am a new user of PostGIS 0.7.
>    From the online manual,
>    I learned the usages of some cool functions
> posted there.
>    But most of the functions are not discribed there
> in the mannul.
>    As to version 0.7, it seems that I can directly
> use 122 functions.
>    Much more than those tens posted online.
>    Although I can guess something from the
> functions' name,
>    accurate information about them is still in
> urgent need in order to
> be used correctly and confidently.
>    Do anyone have some resources that I can get a
> full description of
> all those functions???

I think you learn functions at


I don't konw if it could be a great help for you but
if you can understand french you can go to


it's a french tutorial I wrote about postgis, not in
english sorry :(

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