[postgis-users] geos based spatial queries

Peter Aberline AberlineP at willis.com
Thu Nov 20 11:21:03 PST 2003


Congratulations on the release of GEOS guys - it's looking pretty good!
Eager to put it to good use, I'm trying to get my head around using some of
the new functions for spatial queries. I want to do a fairly simple query:
select the number of the points that fall within the boundary of a state

My first attempt at the query was:

select count(*)
from points
where within(points.the_geom, (select the_geom
                                                              from states
state_name = 'BigState')) = true;

Obviously, this does a full table scan on points table, which is bad
because there is 2 million of them, and eventually tens of millions, and
for each point also does a scan of the states table.

Aggregate  (cost=238486.78..238486.78 rows=1 width=0)
    ->  Seq Scan on states  (cost=0.00..3.64 rows=1 width=32)
          Filter: (state_name = 'BigState'::character varying)
  ->  Seq Scan on states  (cost=0.00..238466.38 rows=8163 width=0)
        Filter: (within(the_geom, $0) = true)

Can anyone suggest a query that would force PostGIS to use the gist indexes
on both tables' geometry fields? I though of using the MBR of the state as
a search window to reduce the number of times "within" gets called, much
like oracle spatial's primary /secondary filter concept but I'm unsure how.



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