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Damian Schroder map_surfer at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 24 12:02:40 PST 2003

This is a follow-up of the previous message. It appears the drawquery() function does not fail randomly. It seems to fail when the bounding box is smaller. My original map scale is 1:17,000,000. Bounding boxes that have a scale of 1:3,000,000 start to fail. Any bounding boxes with a scale of above 1:1,900,00 always fail. The bounding boxes that fail are not tiny, at full extent a bounding box 115 x 115 (for a 450 x 450 map) fails. I have experience some cases where a bounding box is so small where it is simple considered a point, but the bounding box was considerably smaller. Besides, shapefile layers work fine no matter what scale, no matter how small the bounding box. Can somebody shed light on how the postgis layer interacts with the drawquery() function or give me any suggestions on how to control this behavior. 

Damian Schroder <map_surfer at yahoo.com> wrote:
I have created a mapserver application that has apostgis layer. Everything works perfectly, with theexception of on mapsever method drawQuery() and itonly fails randomly (that is, it works partly). I'mnot sure if it is a problem with mapserver or someperformance issue with my table.I did receive some advice with this problem before:check the mapserver_ChangeLog.txt for updates. I did,and saw some changes I thought might be relevant. Idownloaded mapserver 4.0.1 (current stable version)compiled and tested only to get the same results.So, I started from scratch1. insured USE_STATS = 1 (in makefile)2. created new database ran postgis.sql3. loaded table4. CREATE INDEX x_index ON x_table USING GIST(the_geom GIST_GEOMETRY_OPS );5. VACUUM ANALYZE;6. CREATE INDEX x_table_oid_idx ON x_table (oid);7. VACUUM ANALYZE;8. SELECT UPDATE_GEOMETRY_STATS();9. VACUUM ANALYZE;the HISTOGRAM2D has what appears to be the extentsfollowed by lots of 0's and some integers mixed inhere and there (not really
 sure what I should beseeing).It is IMPORTANT to note. I ALWAYS get the results froma query, regardless of records queried. The onlyproblem exist when drawing the query map.

I am using these versions:

postgres 7.3.3

postgis 0.7.5Hope someone can point me in the right direction.Thanks, Damian

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