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Damian Schroder map_surfer at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 25 08:52:03 PST 2003

The scenario mention in the previous message only happens when I mix shapefile layers with postgis layers. If all layers are turned off except the postgis layer, the drawquery() function works perfectly regardless of the bbox size. I am still searching for any info on how the drawquery() interacts with the layers and why it fails with different data types. 

Damian Schroder <map_surfer at yahoo.com> wrote:
Dear list, 
I have researched this high and low and come up empty. Please help.
In my map application, the drawquery() function fails when a bounding box is is below a certain size. Currently, my map is in Geographic (dd). The drawquery() fails when the the hieght or width of the bbox is below 1.5 degrees (at full extent the height and width of the bbox is 115 pixels, mapsize is 450x450 pixel, so it is not a tiny rectangle). The drawquery() only fails with postgis layers. When it does fail I still receive query results. If I draw a bbox large enough, everything works perfectly. 
I am using:
mapserver 4.0.1
postgres 7.3.3
postgis 0.7.5
rosa applet
Is there some tolerance control I neet to edit? Is there coarse rounding with the pixel to geographic conversion with the drawquery() function?Any ideas or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
Damian Schroder

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