[postgis-users] Wanted: Cywin Install Instructions

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Wed Nov 26 03:24:56 PST 2003

Paul Ramsey writes:
> Can someone take the existing Windows tutorial and put together a nice 
> blow-by-blow for compiling the current versions under cygwin?
> PgSQL 7.4
> Proj4
> PostGIS 0.8.0
> The current version has some references that are old and incorrect now. 
> (Time, that ruthless traveller.)

And anything written about the 'current' method will be again *very* shortly

This is *good* but will cause minor upheavals until the kinks get ironed out.  

Note this will only affect those that use 'developer' or 'snapshot' versions
of Cygwin


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> Subject: HEADSUP: cygserver now has MSG, SEM and SHM support
> Hi,
> a headsup which affects a few packages and, of course, the developers
> of Cygwin.  Last week I have applied a pretty big patch, which turns
> Cygserver upside down.  It now contains basically the FreeBSD kernel
> implementation of System V (or, in X/Open / SUSv3 speak) XSI IPC support.
> This means, not too far from now, we can drop the cygipc package and
> packages like postgresql can switch to using Cygserver.
> In future, Cygwin releases will be build with Cygserver support switched
> on.  Clients, which want to access the Cygserver capabilities, have to
> run with the environment variable CYGWIN set so that it contains the
> word "server".  I guess this will be the default at some later point.
> The Cygwin utilities additionally contain two new tools, which are
> also derived from their FreeBSD counterparts, ipcrm and ipcs.  ipcs
> got a new option -u which shows some information the original BSD
> implementation never showed.
> The cygserver directory also contains a README file which describes
> how to use Cygserver, a cygserver-config script which installs
> Cygserver as service under SYSTEM account (for now) and a configuration
> file cygserver.conf.  The latter is supposed to go to /etc.  But
> actually it goes to the value given to the make variable $sysconfdir.
> The path given in $sysconfdir is compiled into Cygserver so, if you
> want the path to be set correctly to /etc, make sure you're
> configuring with --sysconfdir=/etc.
> However, I'd like to ask maintainers of affected packages to give
> Cygserver a try.  You will have to rebuild your packages and you
> should make sure that the Cygwin header files sys/ipc.h, sys/msg.h,
> sys/sem.h and sys/shm.h overwrote the cygipc files before building
> your package(s).  And don't link against libcygipc ;-)
> Oh, *please* read the README before using Cygserver.  It might avoid
> some headache, especially when it comes to setting the CYGWIN environment
> variable...
> Corinna
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