[postgis-users] itemnquery limitation

Tom Melhuish tmelhuish at webinsightsinc.com
Wed Sep 3 07:31:02 PDT 2003

Dave & Daniel,

I've open a Bugzilla ticket in Mapserver. The number is 418 and added all of
the attachments to recreate the problem. It's been active for a week an have
not seen any action on it.

I've downgraded Apache from 2.0.40 to Apache 1.3.20-16 from RH 7.2 and it
WORKS NOW!! I used RPMs to make the change an in doing so had to remove
Mod_perl & SSL because of dependencies. I definitely prefer to use Apache
2.0 since it comes with RH 8.0.


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David Blasby wrote:
> Looks like the problem is in msReturnQuery(), msReturnPage(), or
> regcomp() - not in the postgis connector.
> DANIEL - do you see any reason why there would be a problem here?

Hard to tell what's wrong without being able to run this in tghe
debugger myself.  The problem seems to appear here:

 > #19 0x08057006 in msReturnPage (msObj=0x80c2008,
 >     html=0x1 <Address 0x1 out of bounds>, mode=0, papszBuffer=0x0)
 >     at maptemplate.c:2259
 > #20 0x080577e7 in msReturnQuery (msObj=0x80c2008,
 >     pszMimeType=0x80a83d1 "text/html", papszBuffer=0x0) at
 > maptemplate.c:2549

msReturnPage() is passed 'html=0x1' ... this should be the HTML
template, so it should be a pointer to a valid string buffer.

Since the line numbers don't match either the 4.0 or the 3.6.6 source I
couldn't tell exactly which call to msReturnPage() inside
msReturnQuery() fails (there are several calls).  And anyway, even if
the problem manifests itself there, it is quite likely happening because
a layer or map object has been freed or corrupted somewhere else in the

If you guys can package a reproduceable test case for this then perhaps
you can file it in the MapServer bugzilla and I can try to reproduce it.

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