[postgis-users] slackware and postgis/mapserv

Robert W. Burgholzer rburgholzer at maptech-inc.com
Sun Jun 6 08:00:16 PDT 2004

LIst members,
This may be a bit off topic, but relevant to GIS servers and PostGIS . I am 
considering switching from RedHat to Slackware, and am  wondering if there 
are many (any?) users out there running postgis on Slackware, and their 
general impressions. Also, if there are any other distros that are highly 
recommended as a GIS server platform, please inform. My server is dedicated 
to simple samba file sharing, and serving up PostGIS data, so this 
important to have a platform that is easy to accomodate this function.

Thanks, and excuse if the posting is a little off,


Robert Burgholzer
Environmental Engineer
MapTech Inc.

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