[postgis-users] Can't make postgis

Stephen Frost sfrost at snowman.net
Wed Mar 10 19:05:12 PST 2004

* chodgson at refractions.net (chodgson at refractions.net) wrote:
> If you don't have either of those directories, then you haven't installed 
> postgresql from source, and you need to do that before installing postgis 
> from source. Installing from RPMS would be a good option.

Yeah, so, just a kind of by-the-by: this sucks. :)  Especially for
distributions.  I'm working on a Debian package of PostGIS (actually,
it's pretty much done, just need to clean it up and submit it) and had
to hack up the Makefile a bit to get it to not do the silly include
../../Makefile.global or whatever stuff.

I realize this is more a problem w/ how the Postgresql people expect
modules to be compiled but I figured I'd point this out here too.

If anyone is interested in testing my Debian postgis packages drop me a
line and I'll see about making them available somewhere.

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