[postgis-users] PostgreSQL 7.1 support

alex bodnaru alexbodn at 012.net.il
Thu Feb 10 15:22:41 PST 2005

hi markus,

On Wed, 2005-02-09 at 17:23 +0100, Markus Schaber wrote:

> BTW, why do you think the patch method is not reliable?
> As the differences are rather small (see the patch), I think managing
> two different versions is not worth the effort.
the patch is a diff between two files, so you have to maintain them
both, anyway.

> I think it may be possible to achieve this using reflection and a
> Functor-like approach. This way we could even create a single jar file
> that works with both jdbc variants. But we would need both jdbc variants
> at compile time (or deliver our own derived Stub files of them with
> PostGIS for compilation that must not be packed into the jar).
we might make a small jar with only the different stuff, then append
this jar to the CLASSPATH, after the original pgjdbc.
btw, the original pgjdbc version should be automatically detected, as
the latest pgjdbc##.jar in /usr/share/java.

> I'll do some further experimentation on that.
thanks, please tell me if i could help.

best wishes,


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