[postgis-users] Unable to create Postgis 1RC1 with GEOS-Support

Düster Horst Horst.Duester at bd.so.ch
Thu Jan 20 08:06:24 PST 2005

I try to compile PostGIS 1RC1 with GEOS-2.1.1 support. I follow
README.postgis and set in Makefile.contrib USE_GEOS=1 and
GEOS_DIR=/usr/local the correct path to lib/libgeos.so

GEOS-2.1.1 is correcty compiled and installed. 

After make and make install of PostGIS 1RC1 and psql -f lwpostgis.sql all
GEOS based functions like buffer() GeomUnion() etc. are installed, but the
command: select buffer(geo,10) from geo_table; responses with 

ERROR:  buffer:: operation not implemented - compile PostGIS with GEOS

and select postgis_geos_version() responses with NULL.

My system:
ReaHat: 7.2
GCC: gcc version 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.2 2.96-124.7.2)
Postgresql: 8.0.0
Postgis 1RC1

What do I wrong?????

With best regards
Dr. Horst Düster 
GIS-Koordinator /Amtschef Stv.

Kanton Solothurn 
Amt für Geoinformation
Abteilung SO!GIS Koordination
Werkhofstr. 65
CH-4509 Solothurn 

Tel.: ++41 (0)32 627 25 32 
Fax: ++41 (0)32 627 22 14

horst.duester at bd.so.ch 

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