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Mark Cave-Ayland m.cave-ayland at webbased.co.uk
Tue Jan 25 01:59:40 PST 2005

Hi strk,

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> > Great, I think that having the consistency can only be a 
> good thing :)
> We also have all of GeomFromText() which is currently taking
> a 'geometry' instead of 'text'. This allows users to use 
> non-standard OGC functions, and I think should be changed.
> Note that current behaviour makes this possible (as side-effects):
> 	SELECT GeomFromText('00..FF');
> 	SELECT GeomFromText('\\000\\001...'::bytea);
> .. which I think should be forbidden.
> What do you think ?

Good catch. I would say definitely make it forbidden; I can't see a rational
case for letting binary inputs into a *FromText() function at all(!).
Markus, do you agree?

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