[postgis-users] My experience in installing RC2

Gino Lucrezi gino-postgis at lucrezi.net
Fri Jan 28 06:50:49 PST 2005

Here are my experiences in installing PostGIS 1.0 RC2

I am using PostgreSQL 8.0 (final version) on a Fedora core 3 system.

I downloaded postgis-1.0.0-rc2.tar.gz

I decided to try the Autoconf.

So I tried the standard command:


No configure script. I had to run autoconf myself. I suppose it should have been done before creating the tar file, isn't it?

Anyway, I launch it, and then I do ./configure --help to see the options (there is no mention of them in the readme file which is  the same as RC1 or in the included docs)

I decide to try this command line:
/configure --with-geos=/usr/local/ --with-proj=/usr/local/ 

It says I have to add --enable-autoconf

Ok, I do it:

/configure --with-geos=/usr/local/ --with-proj=/usr/local/ --enable-autoconf

Here is the output.

Using autoconf
/configure: line 1267: /usr/local/: is a directory
checking for flex... /usr/bin/flex
checking for yacc... /usr/bin/yacc
configure: error: Can't find $GEOS_DIR/bin/geos-config

Fidgeting with the file it appears that it doesn't set $GEOS_DIR, even though I set it in the command line.

So I try 
/configure --with-geos --with-proj --enable-autoconf

and now it works.

>From now on, installation was a charm.

I reimported my databases easily.
BTW, I have discovered my previous problem.
It appears initdb will now create a db cluster with a default encoding of UNICODE!!! I re-issued the initdb with -E SQL_ASCII and everything was OK

My databases are OK (the ones I migrated), Monday I'll test if mapserver still works.

I also ran the regression tests, and everything was OK

BTW, other minor issues:

the docs should mention what version they are for in the first page; the RC2 docs still mention RC1!

postgis_restore.pl is still not marked as executable

Anyway, thank you for a great job. I can't wait to see the final  release...

Gino Lucrezi
Penta Consulting Services Srl
L'Aquila, Italy

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