[postgis-users] UTM/Datum SAD 69 to UTM/Datum WGS84???

Carlos Gonçalves carlosfgo at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 12:40:26 PDT 2005

Hi Nicolas.
Thank you.
Very good.
My problem now is that I am receiving the following message:
SELECT Transform(the_geom,32723) FROM tb_my;
ERROR: Input geometry has unknown (-1) SRID
Observing the table geometry_columns, the field srid=-1
Help me.

On 7/4/05, Nicolas Ribot <nicky666 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi all.
> > As it is that I make in the POSTGIS, to change a projection UTM and 
> Datum
> > SAD 69. Zone 23 (south -), for the projection UTM and Datum WGS84?
> >
> > Help me.
> > Thank you.
> >
> Hello Carlos.
> First identify the SRID corresponding to the target projection (UTM 23
> on Datum WGS84) (32723 for me for postgis 1.0, but check your SRID).
> Then, use the transform() function to reproject your data in the new
> Spatial Reference System:
> select transform(geometry, target_srid) from your_table;
> Nicolas

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