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Gérald Fenoy gfenoy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 05:26:58 PDT 2005

please could you log the whole compilation process with something like
this : emerge -v postgis  >& emerge-postgis-1.0.0_p20050524.ebuild.log
This could help me more to see if there is a problem with an old
installation. Indeed I just try with the version 1.1.0CVS (2005-07-27
6:00) and I have a problem with the old ebuild so I made a new one for
the cvs version which is now called postgis-1.0.1_p20050727.ebuild and
you could get it from the web page gentoo.01map.net (or
http://www.01map.net/gentoo if the first one don't work). Indeed with
the postgis-cvs.tar.gz downloaded this morning from
postgis.refractions.net I have problem for the /usr/libexec directory
creation ...
So there are two solutions, first you choose to debug the first ebuild
then you send me the complete log requested before, second, you use
the fresh ebuild then you tell me if you have any problem with it (and
you could also inform me if it works like a charme ;) )

Waiting for a response.


ps: sorry for redondency.

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Hi there,

I have attached the complete emerge.log, I thought having all the info 
might come in handy.

ebuild: postgis-1.0.0_p20050512.ebuild

Thanx in advance.

Jean David TECHER wrote:

> Hi,
> could you give me which is the version of the ebuild youve used to
> make this test ?
> Could you give me the emerge logs of this emerge ? (Indeed I would
> like to see if you don't have some trace of an old installation on
> your system, cause in that case portage will not remove the old
> one...)
> Cordially.
> PS: Sandro could U add gfenoy at gmail.com <mailto:gfenoy at gmail.com> as a 
> sender for this mailling list, indeed he experiences a tecnical 
> problem on his djayux.net mail server :/
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>     I Installed Postgis on Gentoo using:
>     USE="geos proj doc" ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge postgis
>     select postgis_version() = 1.1 USE_GEOS=0 USE_PROJ=1 USE_STATS=1
>     Does this mean it's still not using GEOS? If so what should I do
>     to make it use GEOS?

Gérald FENOY
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