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Pagurek,Debbie [NCR] Debbie.Pagurek at ec.gc.ca
Wed Oct 12 09:44:58 PDT 2005

Congrats on setting up a wiki - it will be very useful.
I'd recommend some broad categories to start off with such as:

Installation - Linux
Installation - Windows
Postgresql settings (e.g. authentication stuff?)
Postgis basics (e.g. what the spatial_ref table is, what
geometry_columns is, functions?)
Postgis SQL examples
MapServer and Postgis
Tips and Tricks...

I will be willing to help out where I can, based on what I've learned
about postgis so far.

D. Pagurek

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I have added a Wiki to the PostGIS web site at


What I need now is some enterprising soul to set up the front page  
with some intro words, while retaining the "wiki howto" material, and  
maybe put in some suggested links that could use filling out.  Step  
right up documentors! :)


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