[postgis-users] SRID and geometry columns

Josh.Zeckser at jeppesen.com Josh.Zeckser at jeppesen.com
Wed Oct 12 16:29:43 PDT 2005

I am planning on adding postGIS geometry columns to a database table. The 
documentation shows that I need to supply an SRID when creating the new 
Geometry column. Does this mean that all rows in the table must use the 
same SRID? In my situation, many rows use different projections and 
horizontal datums. Does this mean I would have to split those up so that, 
for example, all rows that are in NAD27 ellipsoid would be in one table, 
while others in WGS84 ellipsoid would be in another? It is confusing, 
since it appears that each entry in the geometry column also needs an 
SRID. If it is based on the row, not the table, then why supply an SRID 
when creating the column?

Josh Zeckser
Data Development Technician
josh.zeckser at jeppesen.com

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