[postgis-users] Re: Re: Re: rasters in PostGIS...

Patrick pvanlaake at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Oct 15 05:50:04 PDT 2005

"Chapman, Martin" <MChapman at sanz.com> wrote in message 
news:ED3A48B9840E594890A2BC172D11946502F9C0BE at mailman.san.com...
> On another note, I also think it would be interesting for the PostGIS
> people to entertain the concept of de-coupling some of the processes
> related to raster ingest/management/analysis to be separate executables
> that could run from different servers in order to off-load some of the
> processing from the database server.


I am very much in favour of leaving all processing up to the application, 
including mosaicing. The only things I see as suitable for the backend are 
things like pyramid generation, basic band-level statistics, and clipping 
with geometries. I wouldn't necesarily oppose a more extended array of 
functions, but I share your concern for server load.


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