[postgis-users] error with overlay and disjoint

Emilia Venturato venturato at faunalia.it
Tue Oct 18 23:15:04 PDT 2005

Hi all.
Concerning my previous mail, I found the problem: it did not lay in the number 
of records.
Two the_geom have been made with GeomUnion function from adjoining shapes; the 
resulting shapes are multipolygon with internal divisions, and overlay gives 
an error with this kind of shapes.
Unfortunately, I did not find a command which removes the internal divisions 
(of course a workaround is to export it and edit it, but I would like to find 
a cleaner solution).
All the best.

Alle 16:05, lunedì 17 ottobre 2005, Emilia Venturato ha probabilmente scritto:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to extract from a postgis table (the_geom of table1: 25.000
> records) all the id of that records wich overlay (also partially) with a
> study_area (the_geom of table2).
> I try:
> select a.id, disjoint (a.the_geom, b.the_geom) from table1 a, table2 b
> where disjoint (a.the_geom, b.the_geom) is false;
> select a.id, overlay (a.the_geom, b.the_geom) from table1 a, table2 b where
> overlay (a.the_geom, b.the_geom) is true;
> In both queries, I had an error:
> ERROR:  GEOS disjoin() threw an error!
> ERROR:  GEOS overlay() threw an error!
> I tryed with a subsample (900 records) and the select worked.
> Have you same suggestion? Could it be a problem in the (too large?) number
> of records?
> Thank you in advance.
> Lia

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