[postgis-users] Access denied to language C

José Vicente Higón Valero higon_jos at gva.es
Wed Oct 19 04:15:43 PDT 2005

Hi list,
I'm trying to installl postgis-1.0.4+postgresql-8.0.4 on suse linux 
enterprise. I have compiled postgis succesfully but when I try to add 
the postgis tables ...
psql -U crt -d bdgis -f /home/postgres/pgsql/share/contrib/lwpostgis.sql
... this error occurs:

psql:/home/postgres/pgsql/share/contrib/lwpostgis.sql:36: ERROR: access 
denied to language C

You can see into this file (lines 33,34,35,36) :

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION histogram2d_in(cstring)
         RETURNS histogram2d
         AS '$libdir/liblwgeom.so.1.0', 'lwhistogram2d_in'
         LANGUAGE 'C' IMMUTABLE STRICT; -- WITH (isstrict);

Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance

  José Vicente Higón
  Grupo de desarrollo de gvSIG
  Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte
  Generalitat Valenciana
  Valencia - Spain

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