[postgis-users] shp2pgsql error?

Lars Rößiger lars.roessiger at d33.net
Fri Oct 21 02:56:47 PDT 2005


we're using the Tele Atlas MultiNet geographic database to build a map

I'm importing the shapefiles into PostGIS using shp2pgsql.

The fields 'FEATAREA' and 'FEATPERIM' are defined as numbers (N) without
decimals (0). This is what the documentation and 'dbview' says. However,
it looks like the numbers end in a decimal point, but have no decimals

Id         : 542760711002103
Feattyp    : 3110
Featarea   : 327496.
Featperim  : 3856.
Name       : Mannhof
Namelc     : GER
Buacode    :

Of course, these numbers cause a PostgreSQL error when I try to import.
I can edit the import file manually and remove the decimal points, but
I've seen other applications which import the numbers and remove the
decimal point.

So I wonder if this is a problem I need to live with or if a workaround
for this should be included into PostGIS?

Any comments?

Thank you,

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