[postgis-users] mapserver db connection

Markus Schaber schabi at logix-tt.com
Tue Oct 25 04:55:47 PDT 2005

Hi, Gregory,

Gregory S. Williamson wrote:

>> The tables are all indexed using gist and recently analyzed. I have
>> not read anything about geometry stats. Is that another version?
> The earlier versions of postGIs used a seperate command to gather
> statistics -- in the 1.x series this is done by the "analyze"
> command, so it sounds like that's ok.

This only works if your PostgreSQL is >= 8.0, if you use a 7.X variant,
you still need to use the "update_geometry_stats()" mechanism as they
don't provide the hooks for PostGIS to plug into the statistics system.

But as frances runs PostgreSQL 8.04, this should not be the problem.

>> Also, what is the fastCGI? I'm still learning about all this stuff
>> and obviously have much more to learn!
> I've not used it but check the MMS archives for information about
> fast cgi -- in some environments it can make a real difference. Sorry
> I can't provide more insight there.

I think that the main advantage of fastGCI is that it does keep some
ressources between adjacent HTTP Requests, e. G. the SQL connection.
Dropping and re-establishing SQL connections needs a lot of time, so
there are some techniques (e. G. connection pooling) to circumvent this.


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