FOSS GIS in Africa WAS Re: [postgis-users] postgis & php

Paul Scott pscott at
Wed Apr 5 08:34:14 PDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 10:40 -0400, Yewondwossen Assefa wrote:
>   I just visited the site and I am excited by your initiative. I would 
> like to know if I can contribute some how to this.  What kind of 
> contributions are you looking for ?

That is great news! At the moment, the most pressing need is to get some
content on the site, so that visitors will have a starting point in a
relatively new area in Africa. 

If you could contribute some content that would be excellent. I will add
you as a content author in the permissions and you will be able to use
the content tools. There are a few tools that will make it quite easy to
achieve this, like the content import option, where you can simply
upload a zip file containing all of your HTML content, and the system
will parse it automatically for you.

Other areas that will be important are the wiki's, and participation in
discussion forums.

We have also coded a module to parse mailman list files into content, so
that the system can convert mailman archives into a knowledgebase, which
may also be quite useful from these lists...

Thanks for taking an interest in our corner of the world! Hope to see
you online soon!


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