[postgis-users] Question to canonical form and SRID

Gregory S. Williamson gsw at globexplorer.com
Sat Apr 8 18:12:49 PDT 2006

Kai --

I don't think you can get postGIS to show the data in a text format without using a function ... AsEWKT(the_geom) will show the data with the SRID; AsWKT shows it without the SRID data.

The find_srid(db/schema, table, column) will return the SRID for a given table and column if the geometry_columns table has appropriate entries.

select SRID(the_geom) will return the SRIDs in a given table but actually goes through the whole table checking, so is slower than the one above, I think.


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Hello everybody, I`m Postgis-beginner
and I would like to know, if it`s possible
to get my geometry-entries automatically in the WKT-Form (and not in the
canonical-form) if I wan`t to look at them in pgadmin3?

I know, that I can use "SELECT AsText(the_geom) from xyz",
but I would like to see the text-from directly.

And a second question please:
How do I need to insert the geometry to get back an entry like:

"SRID=32632;POINT(3455632 6787989)".

So far, I have made it that I cann see in "the_geom"-> POINT(3455632
and in the table geometry_columns is the SRID-Code written, but how can I
see the SRID directly in the geometry?

Thank you very much, Kai Behncke

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