[postgis-users] php query problem "AsText(table.geometry)", multiple schemas

Andreas Neumann neumann at karto.baug.ethz.ch
Thu Apr 13 14:03:01 PDT 2006

Stephen Woodbridge wrote:

> Andreas,
> Do you use different users when connecting from the different clients? 
> If you do then you probably need to change the search_path for the 
> PHP5 client to include the public schema. It is also possible that 
> PHP5 is resetting the search_path but this is likely to be the root of 
> the problem.

yes, indeed, I use different users. The user php uses has limited rights 
(select only). Do you have an example on how to set the "search_path" in 
php? Or is this done within postgresql?

That way I wouldn't have to add the schema name before the function name 
and just use the normal SQL statements.

Thank you very much for that hint and any further information on how to 
set the search_path.


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